Worship around the Oxford Circuit

This page details the various worship services scheduled around the circuit.

By default, this page displays services scheduled across the circuit over the next seven days. If you would like to refine your search, please use the form on the right-hand side to select services for a particular church, preacher or date.

Worship during the coming week

25th Mar10.00 amBlackbird LeysEcumenical EucharistHoly Communion
6.30 pmBlackbird LeysEvening Worship
11.00 amBladonAlan Turner-SmithAll-age worship
9.30 amChalgroveIan CohenHoly Communion
10.30 amCowley RoadAdam StevensonHoly Communion
3.00 pmCowley RoadAdam Stevenson
11.00 amGreat MiltonJoanna Tulloch
10.30 amKenningtonSimon BlaineyAlternative Worship
10.00 amKidlingtonRosemary Davies
10.30 amLime WalkJudy Turner-Smith
6.30 pmLime WalkRosemary Davies
10.30 amRose HillJames Garnett
6.00 pmRose HillHouse Fellowship
10.30 amTackleyJan Grimwood
11.00 amWatlingtonMatt Stammers
10.30 amWesley MemorialSue Barratt
10.30 amWoodstockMartin Wellings
29th Mar7.30 pmLime WalkRosemary DaviesHoly Communion
7.30 pmWesley MemorialMartin WellingsHoly Communion
30th Mar2.00 pmChalgroveIan Cohen
10.30 amCowley RoadWalk of Witness
7.30 pmGreat MiltonAdam Stevenson
12.00 pmKenningtonRosemary DaviesChurches Together
9.45 amKidlingtonWalk of Witness from St John's Hall Church
10.30 amLime WalkMalcolm Bromhall
10.30 amRose HillRosemary Davies
10.30 amWesley MemorialAt New Road Baptist ChurchUnited Service
10.30 amWoodstockWalk of Witness

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